welcome to the fairy princess

A young Black girl from the South side of Chicago discovers she is a fairy princess and must learn how to use her powers while trying to save her godmother from an evil fairy

What Do Our Readers Say?

The Fairy Princess Enter into Fionntan is a delightful book about fairies, unicorns, wallflowers, delicious food, Kings, Queens, dragons, evil doers and other beings who can be found in the vivid imagination of a child. The author, Christy Michelle Lavallais, describes the scenery of this magical world in great detail. Trinette, the star of this adventure, who lives in Chicago, goes searching for her missing godmother and finds herself in a place called Fionntan. In the interest of full disclosure, the author is my niece, but this is a charming book that will be a joy to children. Especially those, who love fairies. This is a perfect gift for a child who loves to read. Available on Amazon.
Susane Lavallais Boykins
I'm reading my sister's book to my class. One boy walks up all dramatic. Ms Lavalais WHERE can I get this book? Amazon baby. And now I'm anxiously waiting for Book 2.
Monica Lavalais